• The Parish Council is a shared effort of the clergy, religious,
    and laity to collaborate in the ministry of the Parish Community.

    The Parish Council is convoked by the Pastor and ceases to exist,
    when the Pastor terminates his assignment or withdraws approval of the Council.

    The Parish Council functions as an advisory capacity to the Pastor.

    The Parish Council meets in the months of June, October, and February for regular business meetings.

  • The current members of the St. Francis of Assisi Parish Pastoral Council are:

  • Prisco Abate
    Deborah Amore
    Frederick Amore
    Joanne Aponte
    Therese Barbuto
    Paula Cewe
    Albert Del Vecchio
    Taryn Duncan
    Florence Gavoni
    Adrienne Genovese
    Richard Kenyon
    Paula Maher-Rivera
    Rev. Robert Morgewicz
    Normand Morneau
    Robert Oliver
    Barbara Page
    Rosemarie Parisi
    Nicole Piscitello
    Norman Singer
    Gloria Vega
    Jose Vega
    Victor Vessicchio
    Phyllis Voira
    Gladys Webb